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How I Rehabilitated My Dog

74210eb3160b6fc704cfae7eba7a0febLike many people, I have watched various programmes on television over the years that were focused on training problem dogs to live happy, contented lives in a domestic environment and, perhaps like many people also, I have always been a little sceptical with regards to the speed with which results are sometimes achieved on these programmes. Often, just a few simple actions seem to elicit a miraculous change in the behaviour of a dog, a change that doesn’t seem possible in such a short space of time. However, since hiring a specialist to help rehabilitate my own problem puppy, I am no longer a sceptic.

 My Experiences with a Dog Behaviourist in Surrey

 The three months after I acquired a Great Dane puppy this year were among the worst I have experienced in my life. Every day I awoke, dreading what I would find when I went downstairs. Along with half my personal belongings, my new dog destroyed my confidence in my ability to manage my life effectively. It wasn’t until I reached out for help that I realised how simple and easy to solve my problems really were.

  1.  Professional Advice– Just picking up the phone and contacting a professional dog trainer lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. I was no longer tackling the problem on my own: I now had expert assistance.
  2.  Personal Empowerment– I have to admit that I thought my chosen trainer was going to spend a couple of hours a day training my dog and solve all his behavioural issues. What actually happened was that the specialist trained mehow to treat my dog and it was the change in my own attitude and behaviour that was the catalyst for the change in my dog’s behaviour.
  3.  Ongoing Support– Although I have yet to take advantage of the fact, it is very reassuring to know that a top dog behaviourist in Surrey is just a phone call away should I ever need his assistance in the future. The confidence that this knowledge gives me has made it easier for me to cope with the little setbacks I have encountered along the way.

 If you have a puppy or a fully-grown dog that is behaving in an unacceptable manner, don’t make the same mistake I did and wait for months before acting. Contact a local expert and regain control of your life, and your home, without delay.

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