A How-To On Finding The Best Rat Cage

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A pet rat spends most of its life inside a cage. That is its home. This makes it the responsibility of a rodent owner to find the best and most suitable cage for the pet. A cage should make the rat happy, satisfied while keeping it healthy. Finding best rat cage reviews is one way to look for a perfect coop. Another way would be to browse through to know all about your pet. But the greatest way to choosing a rat cage for your pet is to know what you should and should not do.
This piece articulates all that a cage should have to keep your pet rat hale and jovial. At present, pet stores offer a variety of pens. They differ in size, the material they are made of and the number of stories they have. An owner has to choose from glass, plastic, one story, three stories, small cage, large cage and other sundry options. Like not all homes fit perfectly to all people, all cages do not suit every rat. There are certain things a pet owner should keep an eye out while shopping for a new cage.

• Bar Space
The amount of space between bars is important because it is this width that prevents a rat from coming out of the cage. The space between two adjacent bars in rat cage should be small enough that the rat is not able to squeeze out of it. The amount of space that is adequate will depend upon the type of rat you have. For example, baby rats are small, so the bar area should be less than half an inch. For adult rats, this space can be increased up to one inch.
Look at the size of your rat before purchasing a cage. If your adult rat is smaller in size than usual, then keep a cage with ½ inch bar space as the option. An enclosure that is made for a small animal may not be enough to hold a pet rat. Blindly buying such cages is folly. Look at the bar space, even if the cage was meant to keep a rodent.

• Material
The best cage for a pet rat is one that is made of metal. Metal cages are made of wires which allow for proper ventilation. They also form a ladder-like pattern that rats can use to climb. This is not only a good exercise for the pet but also passes the time. For owners, metal cages are far easier to clean than others. Ensure that the metal wires of the cage are coated. This will stop rusting from occurring. For healthy, fit and joyful pet rats, metal cages are the best option.

• Size
For one rat, there should be at least 2 cubic feet of space. If a person has two pet rats, the optimal size of the cage would be 72cm x 36cm x 44cm. There are a number of rat cage size calculators available on the internet that can give people the cage size needed as per requirements. It is advised to use the calculator to double check if the cage you are thinking of buying is big enough or not.


How To Identify The Right Cat Litter Mat?


Owing and training a cat is tougher than training a dog. Cats are not easy to train and hence they can easily litter your home. This is the reason, cat owners should use cat litter mats in their home. Cat litter mats offer a highly efficient solution for managing the cat litter with great ease. You can check the guide to the best cat litter mat’s 2017 to identify the product. Though all cat litter mats are made for specific purpose, they may vary in terms of ease-of-use, material quality, etc. Litter management helps to improve the health of the pet and as well as humans. To know more about taking care of animal’s health, you may check

It is really frustrating to see the cat litter scattered across the different areas inside your home. Scattered litter can make your home messier and smell bad. It is really hard to train cats and hence you need something more that will keep the cat urinate or poo in a single place. Cat litter mats create an area, where your cat will love to urinate and poo. As said earlier, not all the mats are created equally. As a pet owner, you should choose a right mat that makes it easy to manage to cat litter problems.

You should choose the type of mat, depending on your cat’s behavior. If your cat is so messy, then it is better to buy a multi-layered mat. A mat with multiple layers has better capability to hold the mess than a single layer mat. The multi-layered mat can effectively protect the carpet from getting dirtied because of cat’s urine.

The cat litter mats should be pleasing enough to attract the cats. In addition to visual appeal, these mats should have a soft texture that will make your cat feel so comfortable. It is better to avoid using mats with bumps and irregular textures as they will cause irritation on cat’s sensitive skin. The mat should not contain harsh chemicals that can cause allergies on the cat.

Cat litter mat should be cleaned periodically, otherwise they will smell very unpleasant. Some mats are very tough to clean and requires more effort. Ease-of-cleaning is a significant factor that you should consider when buying a cat litter mat. Some mats can be cleaned with the vacuum, while some should be cleaned with rinsing. Choose a type, which you find very easy to clean.

You should choose the size of the mat depending on the size of your home and quantity of mess. Big sized mats are ideal for big cats, which creates more mess. Remember that cleaning bigger mats can be difficult. There is no single cat litter mat that works efficiently for all cats. This is the reason, why one should spend time in reading the cat litter reviews to identify the right product. The reviews list the pros and cons of each product, thereby help you to take a right decision. So, do not feel reluctant to go through the reviews before you go for shopping. These reviews are available for free any day.

Pet Dog

Rearing Pet Dogs – Roles and Responsibilities

dog-on-lead-stillPet dogs come with responsibility and hence it is pertinent that the owner has the skill and interest to take proper care of the pet. Living with pets is a long-term commitment, and once the decision is taken, they realize that they become a part of the family. Now their lives revolve around the pets, and every decision has to be taken keeping the pets in mind. Pets can bring joy to the family, and the masters enjoy their company.

Reasons to domesticate dogs
Dogs are domesticated for many reasons. The major reason is that they are easy to train and can adjust to the lifestyle of humans. Feeding a dog is easy as they consume the similar diet as their masters with some minor exceptions. Some breeds are allergic to chicken and shrimp. In worst cases it can turn fatal. It can result in skin allergy as well. Then, there are other breeds that consume all types of food. It is important to feed the dogs with nutritious food that is required for a sturdy and strong body.

322F619E00000578-3491160-image-a-14_1457975238925Give them the time
Dogs are attached to the owners, and unless you can give them the time, it is not advised to raise a pet. Dogs need their master to offer them the affection they deserve. They often hang around with their master. The pets need some petting, grooming, like brushing with the hand or offering them regular treats. The dogs turn out to become close to the owner and look forward to being with them all the time. They need to be taken for a walk regularly. Basic training like potty training has to be provided to avoid the pet easing around the house.

Cleanliness matters
Dogs look for clean food. Domesticated dogs have to be provided with food and water bowl. The food bowl has to be filled at least thrice a day and ensure the pet completes it at the stipulated time. These are not stray dogs that can find food in the garbage cans or on the streets. Pet dogs have to be fed and hydrated properly. They do not have the skill or acumen to find food on their own. If you are looking for a healthy pet that could come along your way for years, it is important to take the best care possible. It is the owners’ responsibility to feed the dog with nutritious food. The market is rife with readymade dog foods and treats. Though these are a little expensive, it can work out to be a comprehensive meal for your pet. Find one at the nearest pet shop.

Only if you are prepared to take up the responsibilities mentioned above, you should consider buying a pet. Bringing up a dog is a challenging task. Of course, these new friends can give you the energy to handle the tasks with ease by showering unconditional love on you and your family. Dogs can make you feel special when compared to other pets, so now you know why they are called ‘man’s best friend’.

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How I Rehabilitated My Dog

74210eb3160b6fc704cfae7eba7a0febLike many people, I have watched various programmes on television over the years that were focused on training problem dogs to live happy, contented lives in a domestic environment and, perhaps like many people also, I have always been a little sceptical with regards to the speed with which results are sometimes achieved on these programmes. Often, just a few simple actions seem to elicit a miraculous change in the behaviour of a dog, a change that doesn’t seem possible in such a short space of time. However, since hiring a specialist to help rehabilitate my own problem puppy, I am no longer a sceptic.

 My Experiences with a Dog Behaviourist in Surrey

 The three months after I acquired a Great Dane puppy this year were among the worst I have experienced in my life. Every day I awoke, dreading what I would find when I went downstairs. Along with half my personal belongings, my new dog destroyed my confidence in my ability to manage my life effectively. It wasn’t until I reached out for help that I realised how simple and easy to solve my problems really were.

  1.  Professional Advice– Just picking up the phone and contacting a professional dog trainer lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. I was no longer tackling the problem on my own: I now had expert assistance.
  2.  Personal Empowerment– I have to admit that I thought my chosen trainer was going to spend a couple of hours a day training my dog and solve all his behavioural issues. What actually happened was that the specialist trained mehow to treat my dog and it was the change in my own attitude and behaviour that was the catalyst for the change in my dog’s behaviour.
  3.  Ongoing Support– Although I have yet to take advantage of the fact, it is very reassuring to know that a top dog behaviourist in Surrey is just a phone call away should I ever need his assistance in the future. The confidence that this knowledge gives me has made it easier for me to cope with the little setbacks I have encountered along the way.

 If you have a puppy or a fully-grown dog that is behaving in an unacceptable manner, don’t make the same mistake I did and wait for months before acting. Contact a local expert and regain control of your life, and your home, without delay.


Tips To Training Your Pet Canine

dogtrainingIt was not long before that canine training was considered a pro job. The dogs were chained, and strength was used to train them to do the right thing and punish them when they did the wrong thing. The new techniques have made it possible to self-train your dogs. The new technique of rewarding the dog when a task is completed has made it easy to for dogs to embrace training. Trainers have to focus on positive reinforcement instead of punishing the pet when they turn aggressive or mute to the training.

Types of training
There are different types of dog training techniques based on the breed variations and how they are organized. From the mighty Great Dane to the tiny Chihuahua they are all a pack of wolves. Dog trainers take tips from naturalists who observe how the wolf pack operates. In the case of the pack, the chief is an alpha male or a dominant male. The role of the chief is to father the pups, discipline them, lead the hunting pack and maintain a challenging position while fighting. Alpha dogs are resourceful and are extremely loyal. Remember that the alpha dog has to be identified and trained, or it can be a difficult experience for the owner to handle them. But when dogs are trained for the human society there are some changes to the methods.

mother-and-daughter-hugging-dog-350Identifying the master
Since dogs are pack animals, they always try to identify the master to lead them. They have the strength and intelligence to find out the best qualified to be their master. The dog clarifies on the chain of command since the time it’s a puppy, and this gives them less scope for challenges in the household. The pet dogs understand that humans are their master, and they provide them with leadership, food and shelter. The internet is the best option when it comes to dog training. Behavioural problems of the dog can be rectified by reading online material, books, videos and subscribing to membership sites.

Understanding canine behaviours
Matters become simple if you identify why the dog is behaving in a particular manner. A one-year-old dog chews on the furniture when you are away from home. It is but the natural tendency of dogs to do so, as they experience teething. The best way to prevent this action is to give them something to chew on so that they stay away from items they are not supposed to chew. In the process, you can save the furniture and at the same time train the dog. Once the dog is big enough, you can leave the pet alone as they do not chew on furniture anymore.

The dog treats the training process as playing. So every day allot a few minutes to train the dog. This way the dog can learn to do basic things to adapt to the human world. A dog can be a good and loyal friend to the family. Providing them with the best of training can help them get customized to living with the humans in harmony.